‘Plants are our passion!’…this is why we come to work each day, whatever the weather! We are plant focused and aim to offer a very wide range of top quality plants at very reasonable prices! We grow a lot of summer bedding and a wide range of herbaceous plants, you can talk to the grower to find out how to look after the plants you have purchased.

We also buy in from top UK Nurseries who have the same passion for plants as we do, this means we can obtain the more unusual and even rare plants not usually seen in ‘garden centres’. if you need a large quantity of plants for a certain project please come and talk to us to discuss your requirements, we have a ‘yes we can’ attitude.

We stock shrubs, ornamental trees, herbaceous, alpines, summer & winter bedding, climbers, ferns, herbs, strawberries, roses, soft fruit, fruit trees, plants for shade areas, Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, and other acid loving plants. During the summer we have a range of citrus, cacti & succulents and come winter time there will be a range of Orchids, Poinsettia’s & Cyclamen. We also have a good stock of bulbs for the Spring & Summer.

Our aim is to have everything you need to complete the job, whether it is a new pot, bamboo canes, quality plant foods, compost, aggregates, garden tools etc.


Geraniums from Alban Hill NurseriesPot Bedding

One of our specialities, we grow several thousand popular Summer bedding plants and use local UK growers to supplement our range.
Primroses & Pansies

Primroses & Pansies can provide colour & interest through the quieter months
Pack Bedding
Is the most cost effective way of filling your tubs & baskets, 6 strong, healthy plants available in a wide range of colours and varieties.
Hanging Baskets
Bring in your own baskets or choose from our wide selection, we just need to know your style and colour choice or just leave it to our passionate experts to create a wonderful display. All baskets will contain water storing gel and be fed with Maxicrop organic plant food..
Planted Containers
As with the hanging baskets bring in your containers or choose from our stock of quality pots and watch the magic take place!
As Summer bedding begins to fade the beautiful Cyclamen are showing their colours, create a wonderful late Summer display that will go on until first frosts and then bring them indoors as a houseplant.


Herbaceous plants are gaining in popularity and rightly so! Plants for every season, plants for every aspect, plants that the bees will love!

We grow a lot of the popular varieties ourselves and have a few, select growers who’s passion for producing quality plants and a depth of range not found in garden centres means we can offer one of the widest choices for many a mile!
Look not just at the colour of the flower, look at the form, the structure.
Look for the time of year the plant will flower, you do not want everything flowering all at once!
Sometimes the flower is secondary, the foliage takes priority, evergreen foliage like these Heuchera’s give a big lift over the quiet Winter/Spring period, providing a beautiful backdrop for the Spring bulbs.

The darkest of the Heuchera’s will also compliment evergreen shrubs such as Euonymus Emerald’n’Gold or Choisya Sundance.
...and sometimes they smell!


Blossom, what blossom?! A ‘Snowdrop’ tree is still a rare sight and every bit as good as any blossom tree!
Amazing! The colourful berries of this Euonymus are not the only amazing thing about this tree, just take a look at the bark!
Rare! A small tree or large shrub with Indigo blue candles & orange stamens.
Pretty! A tree for the dry area of the garden with very pretty, delicate flowers.
Dark Leaves! Tall, dark leaved plants are hard to come by, but this Catalpa also has unusual flowers…
...and here they are!


Early season colour! Alpines are known for there early season colour in shades of purple, yellow, white & pinks!
Rock Gardens can be large or small, try to recreate the plants natural habitat to ensure the best results.
Mini Alpine Gardens look great on the patio or balcony...
All the Ingredients from plants, alpine grit, decorative aggregates, large slate etc.
Many plants will flower a second time later in the year


'Get Your Nose into a Rose!' and enjoy the perfume!
Colour & Fragrance are what folk want in a rose...
We grow up to 25 varieties so giving you the chance to have something different in your bed!
Grow Lavender with your roses to help keep the aphid's at bay...they also look good together in a vase! No, not the aphid's...the rose!
David Austin is known as the 'Rolls Royce' of roses. A lifetime of dedication brings some of the very best roses to the market and many have the most delicious fragrance!


Glorious Spring Colour our grower is one of the best in the business, top quality plants from the small to the very large!
Evergreen foliage and variegated too!
Gorgeous colours to brighten any Spring garden!
Colours from Pink to whites, yellow, purples, reds & oranges...
Remember to use Ericaceous compost and to feed throughout the season with Ericaceous feed, found in the Nursery Shop.



One of my personal favourites, bronze foliage followed by white flowers with lipstick pink edges that slowly diffuse into the white.
Rich Aubergine colour with shades of blue
Watch the magic of the colour change!
Cool Blues give a classic look in any garden. Please remember to use Ericaceous feed & copmpost to keep the blues blue!
Soft, delicate pinks with good leaf colour.
Fresh white, large heads, stunning!


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Our NEW fernery is now open with over 30 varieties of beautiful ferns from a specialist grower on offer!