Help and Advice  

Who said you don’t get anything for free these days?! Well, ask anyone of our staff and we’ll do our very best to answer your questions there and then, we may have to take a few minutes to do some research and may have to get back to you later but you will get an answer. Often questions are about why a plant is not doing well and the biggest culprit is lack of food! Plants need feeding on a regular basis so if you are not sure please ask, we will not sell you products you don’t need – just the ones you do…and it is based on many years of hands on experience!

If you are new to gardening or even if you have an established garden and are not sure what to do with it then we offer a FREE, yes FREE! 1 hour on site consultation to discuss what can and perhaps should be done, we can then help you through a planting plan throughout the year.

We give talks to groups during the Spring & Autumn, especially popular with folk who cannot always get to us.