Customer services  

We offer a FREE Local delivery service for those products too big to take home in the car. Please ask for details.

Toilet Facilities

We have toilet facilities on site for Ladies and Gentlemen, they are fully disabled compliant and have baby changing facilities.

Ladies and Gents Toilets

Loyalty Card

On June 1st 2018 we launched our Loyalty Card, this replaces the old Garden Club card which is now no longer valid. Our Loyalty Card works on a similar basis to that offered by the supermarkets. The Loyalty card can be used everyday, for ALL purchases and also in the Coffee Shop, signing up is easy and straight forward, you can use it as soon as you have signed up. Once a quarter you will receive a newsletter with your voucher based on spend, we will also give you a ‘thank you’ voucher for use in the Coffee Shop. Please read ‘Privacy Statement’ below:

Privacy Statement

1. Alban Hill Nurseries will NEVER buy or sell mailing lists.
2. Alban Hill Nurseries will only keep customer details for the duration of the current transaction (special order items, deliveries etc.), after which time the information will be deleted.
3. Alban Hill Nurseries will not use customer details for marketing purposes by e-mail, text or post via Alban Hill Nurseries or any third party connected to Alban Hill Nurseries.
4. Alban Hill Nurseries may at some point create a newsletter via their website, if anyone wishes to be included to receive regular newsletters Alban Hill Nurseries will ask for their permission via an on-line form, to be ticked to confirm acceptance of Alban Hill Nurseries Mission Statement with regard to GDPR.
The companies that Alban Hill Nurseries deal with, that use customer data in the normal day to day business are all GDPR compliant, the companies are:

Red Bear Marketing
Alston Drive,
Bradwell Abbey,
Milton Keynes,
MK13 9HG
01908 766445

Premier Epos
Unit A
24 Kelvin Road,
CH44 7JW

Tel: +44 (0)151 638 0404

Real Rewards Ltd

9 Cromwell Place
East Grinstead,
West Sussex
RH19 4SD
01342 311515

Meadow View Stone
Lower Heath
Prees Whitchurch
SY13 2BT

01948 841607

Zest 4 Leisure

St Andrews Park

Bromfield Ind. Estate




5. Any previous customer data lists held by Alban Hill Nurseries and or their associates with regard to mailing lists and Customer Loyalty schemes will be deleted…..
6. In the future the Alban Hill Nurseries website may offer on line shopping, any customer details given, with consent, in order to make & complete a purchase will be kept for the duration of the sale and for a period of 3 months afterwards, after which time the details will be deleted.
7. Alban Hill Nurseries offer, via a few suppliers, something known as ‘Drop Shipping’, this is where items can be ordered in store and eventually on-line, and delivered direct to the customer from the supplier. Alban Hill Nurseries will ensure that each company that deals with Drop Shipping provides Alban Hill Nurseries with a written statement confirming compliance with GDPR prior to purchases being made.